Athens Ohio Antique Mall


Our guidelines have been established to serve as a reference for our procedures and policies. We have formalized these policies so that everyone exhibiting at Athens Ohio Antique Mall will be governed the same. All Athens Ohio Antique Mall exhibitors are required to abide by these basic policies.


We are dedicated to provide the best in quality antiques and collectibles for our customers. To accomplish this goal, we need your pride, participation, and commitment.

All Furniture displayed must be made before 1970.  All other items displayed must be made before 1970. Any merchandise not meeting the time line standard will be pulled from the sales floor. Merchandise in the “Antiques and Collectible” area can be a mix of antiques and new collectibles, must be artistically related to antique decorating and accessorizing or collectible. This may include reproductions if they are so marked. All merchandise is to be “room ready”. This means no “rough” pieces, which includes severely damaged or DIRTY items. However, these pieces will be judged on a case-by-case basis. If you display primitives, please make sure they are clean, and free from wood boring insects. Certain new items may be used to properly accent an old piece, such as a new shade would be acceptable on an antique lamp, new upholstery on old stool, sofa, chair, etc…. new frame for antique print, picture, or sampler, etc…, new print antique frame.

If you sell prints, please understand that knowledgeable customers are asking to remove the print from the frame; unless it is clear that the print is in the original frame and that the backing is undisturbed. If this is the case, mark the tag accordingly. If you reframe a print, leave the backing paper off and use a minimal number of nails to hold the print in the frame so that it can be easily inspected by the customer.

Management may remove any item if it is in their opinion in poor taste, or is in any way objectionable, whether or not it meets timeline standards. Exhibitors may not sell items forbidden by State or Federal law to include but not limited to, pornographic material, firearms manufactured after 1900, protected animal species, and items that do not meet Fire Marshal1or EPA regulations.
Merchandise in non-compliance with our guidelines will be removed from exhibitor’s space when found.


Exhibitors are paid once each month. Pay periods are from the 1st thru month end. Checks are ready for pickup on the 3rd of the following month.  If, for any reason you wish your check to be mailed, please leave a #10 self-addressed stamped envelope at the office with your dealer number and mailing information written on it. We will always attempt to have checks ready on time. However, if circumstances beyond our control, computer failure, or natural disaster occur, we will have the checks available as soon as possible.


Rents are due and payable by the last day of each month for the following month’s rent. If rent has not been paid by the end of the month, the amount of the rent will automatically be paid from the dealer’s payable income for the last pay period of the month. Any remaining balance must be paid by the 5th of the month to avoid a $25.00 late penalty.



Exhibitors are required to keep their display areas clean, the carpet swept, and the merchandise dusted. Please work your booth or showcase on a regular basis by re-arranging your merchandise and insuring that your merchandise is attractively displayed. Changing your booth setup gives buyers a new view of your merchandise. (We have a vacuum for your use and cleaning supplies available at the checkout counter if you so need.)

Athens Ohio Antique Mall does offer a cleaning service for dealers at a cost of $20.00 per booth and $10.00 per showcase. To schedule a cleaning please contact management for additional information

When stocking your display, you must first check in at the security desk and if you are bringing in lots of merchandise or large furniture the side doors may be used. Use of the side doors will be limited during peak volume periods (weekends and promotions) or if the mall does not have enough staff on hand to maintain door security.

Metal and rough wooden tables must be covered. Wooden tables are preferred because of their stability. Attractive displays benefit the saleability of your merchandise.


All merchandise leaving the mall will exit through the front entrance after being checked by a mall employee. All containers, boxes, etc., will be checked by a mall employee before leaving. Side entrances may be used only when accompanied by a mall employee and when it will not be an interruption of the customer service duties of the staff.


We are currently not offering layaway.


Discounts are at the discretion of the vendor.


For security all exhibitors must use tags. Place your dealer number on all your merchandise, display fixtures and anything else that belongs to you. “If it belongs to you tag it!” If you use plate holder, doll stands, etc, (and want to keep them) mark them “NFS” or “Display Only” and including your dealer number.

You may use your stock numbers as a double check.  Include an accurate description on the tag.  Note the size, color, pattern, date, etc., of all merchandise.  (Tags without descriptions can be easily switched.)

Tags MUST clearly state the condition, if the item is damaged. Any repair or alteration of the item must also be noted.  Non-working mechanical and electrical items must also be noted. Exhibitors are accountable for any misrepresentations of their merchandise.

To prevent tag altering: use dollar signs & decimal points (or two zeros over a line). Don’t mark over to correct a mistake or change a price. Keep your numbers clear. Don’t run numbers too close together. Example: Your $135.00 could be mistaken for $35.00 at checkout time. If in doubt, make a new tag. NEVER LEAVE BLANK TAGS IN YOUR BOOTH!  This gives every thief an opportunity to re-price yours as well as other dealer’s merchandise in the mall.

Circling the logo on the tags of merchandise priced more than $100.00 is an easy security measure to help prevent tag altering. If possible dealers may put a red dot on price tags of merchandise they want to ensure is secured in the dealers locked showcase.

Any items that are reproductions or fake must state so on the tag.  It is the Vendor’s responsibility to determine if the item is an original, reproduction, or fake.  Any item that is misrepresented and sold will be refunded to the purchaser.

Any items less than 50 years old and are secondhand bedding, upholstered furniture, or stuffed toys MUST be sanitized and labeled with a red 4″x8″ tag that says ” item is secondhand material, contents unknown, this item has been sanitized.”


We are diligent in our efforts to control theft in our mall but are very realistic and know that shoplifting is a risk in any retail setting. We have installed a top notch security system to assist in preventing losses to exhibitors’ inventory. However your co-operation is also needed. A few hints, which may help, include:

  • Never leave keys in merchandise. Furniture, clock, or any other key should be labeled and filed at the sales counter.  Please indicate on the price tag of the item that “the key is at the front desk” and be sure to put your dealer number and inventory number on the key tag.
  • Telephone screw-on mouthpieces, oil lamp font covers or caps, cranks or other phonograph parts, lamp finials, and similar items should be labeled and filed or locked in a showcase in your booth. Please indicate on the tag if parts are in your case or stored at the cashier stand.
  • Tops to items such as cruets, bottles, jars, or any kinds of lids should be securely taped to the item.
  • Place a tag on each item of a set if possible. If a piece wanders away from your display, it is more readily identified and can be returned.
  • Tie-on-tags should be tied to the item to reduce the opportunity for tag switching.
  • Please use detailed descriptions when making out price tags for your merchandise.  Example: Plate $8.00 is not a properly filled out tag. The tag should read Plate w/blue flower border $8.00. The color and pattern or manufacture of an item should be on every tag.
  • Please use common sense when displaying merchandise. Small pieces of high dollar value need to be secured in locked showcases.
  • All merchandise entering the mall needs to be tagged with your dealer number. Pricing merchandise in your booth or front of your showcase is not acceptable. Never leave blank price tags stored in your booth or showcase.
  • Please cooperate with our security and floor personnel. All items and containers leaving the antique center will be checked, no exceptions.